The undiscovered land of Folegandros
28 March, 2016
Pavlos x2 - Folegandros
Visit Folegandros for a Quiet Cyclades Getaway
28 March, 2016

The Most Charmingly ‘Greek’ of All the Cyclades a lovely article about Folegandros by Helene Cooper of the New York Times.

“So I searched online for “fabulous sunsets in Greece” and stumbled upon Folegandros. Surrounded by piercing sunlight and azure waters, the 12-square-mile rocky island is the antithesis of Santorini and Mykonos.

It has no airport, which means no charters could come in, keeping the number of tourists to a manageable level. No cruise ships either, which preserves the laid-back, unhurried feel of the island’s three villages: Chora, the elevated main town; Karavostasi, the port; and Ano Meria, a village perched on top of a hill with ancient ruins and stone-lined crop plots that make you feel as if you’d stepped back 100 years. The island has only 700 residents year-round, though that number swells to around 3,000 in the summer.


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